Won't turn on and is not recognised by computer

I’ve had the 64Gb version for a couple of years. It’s been disapointing. Frequent drop outs. I had this issue 6 months ago and did the google dance and tried all the usual tricks to get computer to recognise it including editing registry but nothing worked. I tried to reset the device but that didnt work either. Eventually I decided I would try to run the battery down and spent an evening pressing the button over and over. Eventually it sprung into life. I then plugged into computer and there it was. I backed up all the content and all seemed to be good. I havent used it much since and tried to use it today. Same problem again. I have tried to reset it. Nothing. I drained the battery and plugged it into PC. Nothing. Wont turn on again and PC doesnt see it.

Unfortunately I think it is fit for the bin. I dont think I would buy another.


Does anyone have any suggestions to recover the device?

it sounds like it may be a hardware problem. if you have the older Wireless Flash drive there is a small door on the side you can open and take out the micro SD card. take that out and see if it works using a card reader. If so then the WFD (reader) is probably bad. 

There is no door on the side but I can open it. I will give it a go and see what I see. Whats WFD?


I got it fixed thanks. Bad connection onto micro SD card. Opened the gadget and as soon as I touched the card it started working. So I removed it and cleaned it and the contacts with IPA then reassembled it and its still good. 

I will attach some pics showing how to take it apart.

Prise off end plate. I think this is stuck with super glue. Might need to get sharp blade. I have a bunch of phone repair tools.

Top plate then slides forward then up. Again might need to break the edge. 

You then need to carefully peel off copper tape to expose the SD card.

Remove it by pushing down on the end then it pops up.

Reassemble in reverse order. 

IMG_0481a.jpg IMG_0480a.jpg IMG_0479a.jpg IMG_0478a.jpg IMG_0476a.jpg IMG_0475a.jpg

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Ok glad you got it working again. you have the Wireless stick. Disassembly of that product is a bit more difficult. You posted this in the Wireless Flash Drive board. That is the older version of the Wireless Stick. It has an actual small door on the side of the drive that has direct access to the micro card.

I’m sure there is a file size limit to the pictures. Typical form most forums.  

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There is no side door.

I have 2 more photos, i will upload later today.

IMG_0472a.jpg IMG_0473a.jpg