Won't rewind song

Hi, I just rcent bought a Fuze+ this past weekend and I’m having problems. When I first got it, the songs would rewing/fastfoward. Now, if i go to swipe the screen, it skips the song. Also whenever I swiped it, it would change the equalizer on the song. Plus, no mattewe what file extension I try to convert, nothing will add to the player. This is frustrating! And yes, I have done the firmware update.

rewind is pressing and holding the left touch pont not swiping. if you are trying to convert video make sure it is not DRM protected also you may need to download a codec pack if the codecs are missing from your computer. K-Lite codec pack is a good free one. if you are using the SMC that could be an issue as well but it is not required for Fuze+ so you can download any converter you like. a good one i use is “any video converter” it is free and works well. the video conversion settings are posted at the top of this board.   

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