Won't let me name albums

i have the Sansa sport clip,until now a pretty good mp3 player.I tried to add some new songs…albums etc and when i look for them on the sansa itself there hidden away in a unknown album.why won’t they drop and drag with the names i gave them?.i’m i being thick about this?.

thank you

Your player is looking for the information about the song (Artist, Title, Track#, Genre, etc.) in the ID3tag of the sound file. Apparently the newly-transferred files are incomplete or the wrong format for the player to read.

You can use the free and widely-recommended MP3Tag software to edit the fields necessary. Do this with the files on your computer. Delete the ones on the player and then transfer over the newly-edited ones.

there mp3 format.can’t i just drag and drop these files?

Yes, you can. But if the ID3 tags aren’t properly filled out, or the wrong format, the player will not be able to display the track, artist info and they’ll be filed by the player under ‘Unknown’.

Sansa users who are not interested in curating the ID3 tags of their mp3 files could try using FOLDER mode to play their “drag and drop” files.  This method may upset some users when they discover the player does not re-sort the folders and files.

     FOLDER mode plays according to the order the folders and files are first copied into the player.

      See this website for an explanation:


Maybe take a look at the website for Mp3tag software. A really excellent way to curate ID3 tags of most types of audio files.

      Sansa MUSIC mode requires decent editing of the ID3 tags for best enjoyment of the player