won't charge

brand new sansa fuze won’t charge.  The screen says it’s connected, but nothing happens (it’s been connected for 2 hours, but there’s been no increase in the charge.  What’s the prob

Make sure the cable is completely and fully inserted at both ends?

Try a different USB port?

sansa.fuze+ plugged in to PC but it won’t hold a charge …Displays a lightening bolt  but no charge!!!

Did you try the suggestions in the post just above yours? :confounded:

yes twice… green ban keeps moving across indicator ,but will not hold charge.

how do I get a complete manual?I need help on operating unit…I’m an  old geezer

@lastoy wrote:


how do I get a complete manual?


6th thread down from the top of the main Fuze+ board page. It’s entitled

Sansa Fuze+ User Manual