won't boot up

i was putting music onto the device and i disconnected it after adding songs and now it won’t boot up.  any suggestions?  i’ve tried holding the power button down for 10-15 sec but nothing happens.  i also tried reconnecting to the cpu and since it isn’t powered up, the cpu doesn’t recognize it.   thanks in advance for any help

Try the reset procedure to longer. Up to a minute or more has been reported to work in extreme situations. Also know that once you hold the power button down for the prescribed time, you have to release it and then press it again to start it up.

Others have also stated that they have gotten it to respond by usiing a combination press, that is pressing the powert + the center button, power + UP button, power + REW button, etc. You might try one of these combinations and see if you can git 'er going again.

Once this is being recognized on your computer, I would certainly suggest to reformat this if this is an option for you. Just to make sure.