I got a 8gb model that I cant’ open till Christmas, plenty of time to check out this forum. Also got a 2gb Clip for my Wife. From what I’ve been reading I’m sticking with MSC mode, I rip cd’s and drag/drop. Using WMP10, any reason I shoudn’t update the WMP11?

Been using M200’s for about 2-3 years, really like Sandisk products.  

There’s nothing wrong with WiMP10, it should serve you well.  I think WiMP11 is a bit more stable, and it has an improved user interface.  Either one will be fine.

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Be careful with WMP 11. I have the 8gb fuze and cannot get MWP 11 to work. Many links online say to downgrade to WMP9 or 10.

Remember, you lose MTP mode capabilities if you go below WiMP 10.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: