WMP sync to slotRadio Player

I have both a slotRadio Player and a Sansa Clip+. When I use WMP to sync to the Clip+ it converts all of my iTunes AAC files to WMA. However, when I sync to my slotRadio Player it does not convert my iTunes AAC files to WMA, it just transfers them. I found a work around that I can plug my external microSD card into my Clip+ to do the conversion, but this is rather kludgy as the slotRadio player is used by others in my family and it’s not as convenient for me to do the conversion.

It appears that WMP is seeing the slotradio player as a flash card vs a musin device. Is there a way to force WMP to convert when syncing?




Tapeworm wrote:


correct the slotradio player is not a MTP device so there is no way to have WMP do the conversion automatically.  

Thanks for the reply. I dug around to see if there is a generic MTP driver for a flash card and didn’t come up with anything. I took a look at Microsoft’s sample MTP driver/emulator and I think developing one would be non-trivial. Best option would probably be to use the iTunes application to convert to MP3.