WMP Player not able to read files on Fuse+ After Real Network update

To night I received a noticed that there was Real Update available. I installed it.  My Fuse+ was connected at the time. When it was done the showed options to read by player and external card.  I tried to view using it but it seem not to work.  Window Media Player also seemed not to work.  I unplugged my player and plugged it back in.  Still not able to view files with WMP.  But, then was able to view using Real.  I do not like the Real display.  Was able to view files with Explore.  Deleted Real.  Now able to view Fuse player.  Only able to view 3 albums on the external card.  I 7GB of data on an 8GB card.

Could be something else but the timing seem to point to the Real update.  

I have a second player that still works with WMP.  I could view the files on the card with WMP when installed in my second player.  When I put it back in my original player it was back to normal.

Back to normal with no Real software.  I liked Real SP.

the real update may have changed the accociations with the Fuze since it was plugged in. try uninstalling the Fuze in device manager and then scaning for hardware changes. this should refreash the installation.