WMP 11, Napster and uSD card



I have searched quite a bit and not found any answers to my particular problem. I have a 4mb Fuze and an 8 mb Sansa uSD card.


I started out using the dedicated Napster software and all seemed fine, but when reconnecting the player after transferring music or

playlists, Napster was not recognizing the songs that were on the card. It showed the title but the song length was 0:00 for all songs.

It would then reload the song, resulting in two copies on the disk.


I decided that perhaps the Napster software was the problem, so I changed to WMP11 with the Napster plugin. When I go to sync

playlists to the card, now only some songs are duplicated and some it properly recognizes as already being on the device.


Widows Explorer recognizes the fuze and its files every time. I am running Vista.


The internal memory works fine.


I have reformatted several times to no avail.


I had the same problem with a 4 gig uSD card, so it is not the card.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

Hmm I’d be really frustrated with this if I were you. I’d call sansa support sense the card doesn’t seem to be the problem. If it were napster’s fault there would most likely be more posts on the subject. Maybe you’ll just have to mail your player in for a replacement :\