WMP 10 required even for MSC

I have a pc where the fuze would not show up, called tech support (which is pretty nice and quick) and they said WMP 10 is required even for MSC mode.  Sure enough installing it fixed me up.  Who knew ?  Just a heads up for others who can’t find there fuze in a drive letter.

That doesn’t sound right. Why does MSC work on Linux, which definitely doesn’t have WMP10?

Mass-Storage Controller is a built-in component on Win98SE and higher…  in no way should you need to install WMP to get it to work in MSC mode.

well, on my xp box my fuze was not recognized at all with WMP 9.  I called sansa and they insisted that WMP 10 was required even for MSC.  I installed WMP 10 and the device shows up now and maps a drive letter in MSC mode, where before it did not.  That’s all I know.  It seems dumb to me though that I have to have WMP to do MSC.

Linux is a different world, and has no trouble recognizing the mounted device in MSC mode.  If only the kinks of the MTP mode could be worked out…

As for Windows and device recognition issues: well, Windows passed through the threshold of bloatware years ago.  Only at Microsoft would they engineer incompatibilities with their own *&$%@ protocols.  For references, just look at the version history of Microsoft Word.

Bob  :wink:

that is weird, msc works fine and I have wmp9. also msc works on macs without wmp.  I think the support just gave you the standard answer which is to install wmp10.  but if your going to use wmp10 I’d suggest going 11. 10 is just annoying.

i made it totally clear to support that i will only be using MSC and they still insisted I needed WMP 10 and he said, It’s a minimum requirement for the fuze.  I said, what about for MSC and he said, you still need it.  Oddly, it fixed my problem and Windows Explorer now sees my fuze perfectly after upgrading from WMP 9 to 10 of which I will never use !!!  Crazy !

No, as other’s have stated, there is no need whatsoever for Winamp or any other software, when using MSC mode.