I’ve received the WMD as a present yesterday.

Today I’ve tried to configure  the internet connection as reported on the instruction but the WMD doesn’t find my wifi network, is there a solution to this issue?

can you provide some more info?

what type of network do you ahve? A,B, G, N?

is the network encrypted? If so what type of encryption? WEP, WPA, WPA 2?

are you broadcasting the SSID?

do you ahve MAC filtering set up on the network?

any other info about your network will help. Also does the WMD see other near by networks?

You’re right.

It’s an N wifi network

WPA2 encrypted

I’m broadcasting the SSID, my phone and other devices as well can see it perfectly

I’m not sure about the mac filtering but I don’t think so since other devices can connect without any issue.

Yes, the WMD see other networks, the neighbours ones I suppose

IIRC the WMD is a a,B, G only. Since your network is N that may be why it does not see it. Does your router have the ability to broadcast a A,B, or G network as well?

It surely explains why I can’t view my wifi net, but in the rear of the box it tells that the WMD works with 802.11 b/g/n frequencies…

well if it says that on the box it should work. May be a compatibility issue specific to your router. contact sandisk support and report it. 

Does your router have


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