WMA not supported?

The Sansa Connect supports WMA, doesn’t it?  I have (non-DRM) WMAs synced to my Connect …when I try to play them, I get the message “Can’t play - invalid format”.  Huh?

i think its only mp3, thats what i says on http://reviews.cnet.com/mp3-players/sandisk-sansa-connect/4507-6490_7-32313153.html?tag=sub

According to Sandisk’s site, it supports “MP3, WMA and MPEG4”.  Hmmm …

lets hope its not just a typo on their website. Where did you get your .wma’s?

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If it is a typo, that’s unfortunate because it sure has spread:


Re source of WMAs, I think that’s clued me in.  I bought them from some website (I forget the name/URL now) that sells WMAs at very high bitrates, all above 800kbps.  I’ll try converting them to lower bitrates.  Thanks for jogging my memory.

probably your source. Best of luck. boo the drm’s

wma files are supported. yahoo to go uses protected wma files.  the bitrate is probably to high.

Dr Lucky makes a good point,

In your WMP(if that is what youre useing to get your WMAs), go to tools - Options - Rip Music tab - From there check the bit rate (The slider at the bottom) and try adjusting it down to a lower bit rate. Re-Rip a few tracks from the same CD and try to re transfer.

Yep, it turned out to be the bitrate.  Thanks to all.