WMA audio books on Shaker & USB share w/e260

So it looks like the Shaker only plays MP3 files?  Why?  Is it a more expensive technology to play WMA/protected WMA files?  I think kids would really like to listen to audiobooks downloaded from the library on their Shakers.

Otherwise, this is a fun & well-priced MP3 player for children I would definitely recommend to anyone.  My 7 year old absolutely loves it.  She loves the speakers & dual earphone jacks to share w/a friend.  Loading the MP3 files was a snap using Windows XP Explorer.

Before I try fiddling, I’d like to ask:  will the Shaker share the USB cable with the Sansa e260?  My 13 year old has the 4GB e260.

Thanks much:smiley:

the shaker and the e200 have different cables
one is a usb to mini , other is a usb to 30pin connector
the shaker is fun , my little sister has one .

Yeah - found that out.  Bummer.  It’s too much to ask, I suppose.  Too convenient maybe?