Wishlist .... for Fuze ++ going forward

Create a Simple Use menu: where I can add or delete specific tasks I want the Fuze++ player to implement.

I want to turn off the “ID3 tag information” I don’t need Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Playlist info.
I want the Fuze++ to read the specific folders that I copy under the main Music folder like my Windows file system has.

I want to be able to go from folder to folder so I can play the songs within that particular folder.
I want to spend LESS Time SWIPING and more time playing the music I want to hear.

I don’t want to screw around constantly locking, unlocking, fiddling with ratings etc. having the last 10 songs play over and over.

Right now it looks like the Player is in charge of what it whats to play, not me.