windowsXP 64bit

Anybody test this out? does it work?

Test ‘what’ specifically? Using the Fuze with Windows XP 64bit?

I successfully use Windows Media Player 11 (32bit and 64bit) from Windows Server 2008 64bit to sync with my Fuze.


Apologies for comming off as vague, I meant using it in both MSC and MTP mode in a winXP 64 bit enviroment. I have read about issues where people cant get MTP mode to work on the 64 bit enviroment. Wanted to verify.

In your scenariou, assuming thats in MSC mode, and MTP mode does not work. Is that correct?

No, I’m successful using MTP mode and MSC mode. Keep in mind - this is Windows 2008 64bit. There may have been improvements in MTP support. I would assume this would work in Vista 64bit as well since the code base is so similar. Unfortunately, I can’t test XP 64bit.