Windows Vista

Is the Sansa Shaker compatible with Visat?

Sorry, obviously, I meant Vista. Also, is it compatible with Windows ME?

Thanks in advance.

If you are using Vista you shouldn’t have a problem.  Do Not install any of the software just plug it in.  Autoplay will pop up with a window for options, choose to open folder to view files.  Just drop and drag the songs you want into that folder.  You can also delete from there aswell.  I hope that this helps.

I’m running Vista and two of my kids got Sansa Shakers for Christmas.  The original upload worked just fine.  Today when I go to add some songs to the Shaker, it is not recognized and I’m told I need to format the drive and erase all data on it to proceed.  Obviously don’t want to do that.  Is this a Vista problem?  I have reboot the computer with the Shaker connected and it still doesn’t recognize it.

Update:  I read another post from someone with the same problem.  I put in a new battery and had to reformat the drive, but that did work.  For once, it appears Vista isn’t the problem!

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