Windows Vista Tutorial!!

Ah, for those who have been around the block, I just found a description of Microsoft Vistathat is sure to lighten up things a bit. 


Edit 23 November 2008: Bummer!  The video has been removed.  Did you see the commercials with Bill Gates wandering about with Jerry Seinfeld?  Perhaps they dropped by the YouTube offices.  I know they were unaccounted for, as they travelled about.  The video was a funny piece, while it lasted. - Bob


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OMG! Is THAT funny! A HELLUVA lot better than the real ad campaign with Bill Gates & his gay lover, Jerry Seinfeld! I’ve seen two of those now and I STILL don’t get it! And I had read about it a few months ago, so I knew it was coming. It’s supposed to be a counter-strike to the “I’m an Apple, and I’m a PC” commercials. Now _ those _ are funny; especially the latest one that pokes fun at Vista! Counter-Strike? . . . more like Counter-■■■■!

These new MicroSoft commercials are frankly, just going over my head. And they are anything but funny. Pretty dismal really, when you consider the amount of money Bill and/or Microsoft has; that this is ALL they could come up with. Kinda like their operating systems. “Is that ALL there is?”

Hopefully, my computer will last until the next Windows version comes out, because I refuse to arm-wrestle with Vista! I’ve been pretty lucky in avoiding the MS “dog-pound” so far.

Nice find, Bob! :smileyvery-happy:

microsoft has actually already abandoned the gates/seinfeld ads. here is the counter-strike to the apple ads. 

NewMicrosoft Ad

Vista is not a that bad bad OS at all if you have the resources to run it and lets face it pc parts are not all that expensive now. there are some legacy device support issues but that is not really MS issue it is more of a device manufacturers issue. 

Windows 7 is the next microsoft OS. windows 7 is based off the vista platform so if you do not want to arm-wrestle with vista dont bother with the next windows version.

BTW currently typing this on a macbook air and i guess safari and lithium forums dont get along well because it will not let me link to the vid. 

edit: link fixed using my work PC and IE7

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I’ve renamed Vista as Microsoft Windows ME II.  Somehow, for those of who endured the instabilities of ME, the name seems to be apropos.  ME had a very cool driver package, and functioned fine, until it develops “Windows Arthritis”.

The driver package, and the seemingly endless barrage of authorization obstacles, reminds me of those days, but with a whole new world of glitches.

For Microsoft to have come so far, eventually releasing XP, probably their most universal OS to date, very stable at last, they came out with a real turkey with Vista.

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