Windows Vista, Limited Accounts and SMC

Hi all! I’ve got a Sansa e260 v2, very nice little machine and very happy I bought it! Anyway, I downloaded the Media Converter thing today (took almost two hours!) and installed it. Anyway, I’ve got a limited account on the computer, and not the admin one (that’s the mother). Is there any way that I can set it up so that I needn’t get the mother to put in her password every time I want to use the program? Or is this a no-no? (I run Vista Premium 32bit, if that’s any help, and have set it up so that all users run it as an administrator, again, if that helps).

Thanks muchly! Douglas

Yes, the administrator needs to go modify settings on that program to allow it to be used by all users.

Have her go to C: (or whatever harddrive the programs are on) and Program Files to the folder that the program is in. RIGHT click on it and find the “security” tab. Click on Your login-name and check all the boxes on the bottom.

You’ll probably need to logout your username and log back in after she does that.

That won’t help - the problem is that the EXE is marked in its manifest as requiring administrator level access (perhaps because the programmers are lazy, because I can’t see any reason why admin rights should be necessary). You have just told the poster how to open up NTFS access rights, which won’t fix the problem, because it’s not where the problem lies.

The application needs to be rewritten to work properly in a restricted-user environment (not just for Vista). It should not require administrator access.

Good luck with that.