Windows Vista Desktop Not Seeing Sansa Clip 4 Gig

I’m a newbie here, but as a guest, I read some of the posts about computers not recognizing the Sansa Clip. So now I’m a registered member because I’d like to add my 2 cents worth.

 I encountered the same problem after plugging my Sansa Clip 4 Gig into a USB port on my computer( I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium). Doesn’t see it, even though I’ve used the player; downloading files, listening and so on for several months. I tried other USB ports without any success, then gave my Sansa Clip the eyeball and was about ready to consign the sucker to the junkpile…A sentiment that is shared by several others on this message board. But before doing that, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a closer look at my computer.

And this is what I found(Without the Sansa Clip plugged into the computer). Looked in the Control Panel and located the Device Manager. Once in the DM, I clicked on Portable Devices, which opened another device icon labelled USB CF Reader that has an exlcamation point flagged in yellow. When I double clicked on that icon, it opened a properties window with this information,

“Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)”

“Click ‘Check for solutions’ to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.”

I clicked the ‘Check for solutions’ button and another window opened up telling me Windows was checking for a solution to the problem. Then it appeared Windows was doing the check for a few seconds, closed the little window without any feedback, and that was it…Zippo! Nada!

I went online and did a search on the USB CF Reader (Code 19). Couldn’t find any solutions to the problem. Nothing at the Microsft Support website either.

I get the feeling the driver is the culprit here, but I’m not sure where to take it from here.

As an aside: I plugged a different portable device(Boss Micro BR) into my computer and it was recognized immediately.

Would like to add an update 04-13-2009:

I went back into Device Manager and looked at the Portable Devices, then double clicked on the USB CF Reader icon(Which still had the yellow flagged excalmation point) to get to the Properties window again. I clicked the driver tab, then clicked the Update Driver button. From there, I clicked on “Browse my computer for driver software” because the other option “Search automatically for updated driver software” didn’t offer a solution. In the next window I clicked “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.” The next window showed a driver in the selection section with a “Have Disk” button. Instead of clicking on the “Have Disk” button, I just clicked the “Next” button. Then a message window came up saying “Windows has successfully updated your driver software.” An odd thing happened almost simultaneously when that message window came up, my Adobe Photoshop Album Stater Edition 3.2 opened.

Needless to say, my computer now recognizes the Sansa Clip. I can access the player’s folders and everything seems to be functioning normally.

This might help others with the original problem of the computer not seeing their players. It’s worth a try.

Oh, and the yellow flagged exclamation point is gone from the USB CF Reader icon…Go figure.  

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Glad to see that you have been successful in installing (reinstalling) the correct driver for your Clip.  Windows can be a real pickle with the drivers and registry entries.  The problem is that there are so many variables, and so many unique devices that share similar characteristics.

With the Sansa connected, either using the uninstall option, then doing an unplug, wait a moment (usually 10 seconds will suffice), and plugging in again, Windows should install (or actually repair) the driver.

Your second option, often equally successful, is to simply select update driver and go the route that you found to work.


You are the bomb!!! Fixed my Sansa c200 also!!!

re. Windows Vista Desktop Not Seeing Sansa Clip ZIP 4 Gig Black.

I have a new Sansa Clip ZIP 4 Gig Black that is not recognized by Windows Vista.  All solutions posted here have been tried (software pack 2, Media player v 11, removing and re-installing drivers using window’s device manager - Sadly nothing works!

Any forum members that can share a solution re. these drivers would be appreciated.

It seems that new drivers need to be installed but it is unclear driver type needed, driver name(s) and where to  obtain these drivers from Microsoft for a Win Vista OS. These forums do not list solid solutions for this problem.

SanDisk tech support in India (Dheli) does not care to help customers with this issue and simply suggested to contact Microsoft for help.   It was a waste of time dealing with SanDisk tech support. Maybe an iPod is the next solution.


A frustrated SanDisk user

Suggestions posted in your other thread . . . .  _ Please only post a question in one place!_   :frowning:

I’m wondering if removing the device physically then from device manager, then plugging device back in might help. Windows 98 definitely had problems with USB devices and it seems problems persisted in later versions. Not sure about winxp but windows7 seems to be much better behaved.

I’m not sure what causes this, but each time you plug a USB device in, windows stores a unique ID. Thus if you normally plug in any usb stick it get assigned next drive letter say e:. But if you, for a particular device, re-assign the drive letter using disk management, windows will remember that drive number and always assign for that device. I need to do this for an external HD since I have scripts that reference drive number.

Very good point!