Windows To Go on Ultra Fit, No Audio Output Device is Installed

I have a HP zBook, I run 2nd boot using Sandisk Ultra Fit (Check with Support, it supported Windows to Go)

Once I boot up, I found that the audio indicator shows a cross " X " and once I hover over, it shows " No Audio Output Device is Installed "

I try to install all sound/audio related firmware from HP’s website, yet the audio is not works.

I also raise a case with HP, after troubleshooting, HP claim that is the windows compatibility issue.

While the primary boot in SSD does not have issue.

(My current workaround is using a USB sound card when I boot up via Flash Drive)

Any one face such issue before?

or any solution you can suggest?

Why are you booting from the flash drive rather than the ssd drive in the HP machine?

When you tried to install drivers from Microsoft and/or HP was that when you are booted to the flash drive? And if so did you go to Windows Update’s Optional Updates and check the Drivers Updates section?

BTW This is definitely not a SanDisk problem. It’s a Windows to Go problem imo.