Windows Plays for Sure device -- 1500K video

Anyone know if the Fuze 8GB is a “Windows Plays for Sure device which can sync a 1500K video” ??

Cinema now keeps giving me a load of crap regarding support for playback of their videos, seems i was led astray and as soon as i downloaded the movie THEN they said OH sorry it wont work unless its this, this and this. One being a smaaaal list of Archos brand players being compatible and the other Windows Media Player Sync Device, and the last the title of this thread…

So, anyone know? I want to stick it to them for lying if it is…

Plays for Sure usually means Doesn’t Play. Even Microsoft wouldn’t use that for its own Zune players.

Video for the Fuze has to be converted by the undependable Sansa Media Converter.

Download it from the link, put the video in it and see what happens. Probably nothing good.

I believe Rhapsody 4 also converts for Sansas if you want to go through the annoyance of registering to get it. Rhapsody

Just make sure that if you install Rhapsody it doesn’t take over and import all the music on your computer.

Plays for Sure usually means that the file is filled with DRM (digital rights muck) to prevent you from playing it. So if the Media Converter or Rhapsody can’t make it play, call and yell at Cinema Now.