windows media player

Using a sanclip + while using the sync setting to download some music, my picture images also pop up and it tries to down load these, naturally getting an error. How do I get the picture images NOT to show up during the sync phase of downloading music to my device? Thank you.

The settings are in WMP. First, I’d change the Automatic Sync to Manual. There are other settings as to which type files to sync, but since you couldn’t pay me to use WMP for that any more, I don’t know exactly what they are.

Ah, the dreaded auto-sync setup of doom.  It is found under the little bar at the bottom of the sync tab.  Two lists will pop under set up sync.  Microsoft determined that we have to do this as Mouseketeers: from the list on the right , select “all photos” and then click the add/remove button in the center.

While you’re at it, deselect  all music, TV programs from the last week,  songs rated at four stars, and jelly donuts, I think it is.  That list is a real marvel to behold.

Once set up, the auto sync will no longer try to fill up the device.

As a footnote, once you deselect all that nonsense, click on the Sync button again, and WiMP will remove all those files for you, just like a child picking up all his scattered crayons from the kitchen floor.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: