windows media player help

Iv never had any problems before with adding and deleting files off my player with media player but i’ve just got a new laptop (windows 7) and I’m having problems. my device is recognised fine, and i can sync files to it with no trouble but when I try to view the files on my device, windows media player says that there aren’t any, even though I know there are because i can view how much space is taken up and i can listen to them on my device.  this means i cant delete any files.  so today I added a bit of new music, my device is full and the memory card has 5 gb of space, and I turn it on and it says ‘Not enough space for music DB, please free 90mb’, which I can’t do because I have no way of deleting any files! I went to windows explorer but the only folders that come up are audiobooks and podcasts (which are empty) then a load of xml and system files.  please help me!

Under the FAQ  you may want to try #11

Or up in the left hand corner there’s a search box and type in “please free 90mb’” or “Windows 7” and you will find other options and ideas.