Windows Media keeps deleting loaded music on MP3

Music that was loaded on the clip gets deleted somehow, automatically when I go into Windows Media.  It happens to my USB as well.  What am I doing wrong?

Are you ‘syncing’?

Are you deleting the songs from your computer after you transfer (or sync) them to the player?

“Syncing” means making your player’s memory the same as what’s on your computer, so if you delete a song from your computer after you ‘sync’ it to your player, the next time you plug in your player, WMP won’t be able to find it on your computer so it will delete it from your player as well.

One of the main reasons my credo is “Sync stinks.”

I am deleting the music from the computer.  I have been syncing “for this session only”, but when this happened again, I cancelled out of the sync prompt and it still deleted the music previously loaded.  I can’t keep the music on the computer, but I would like to back it up on a USB.  How do I prevent this from continuing to happen?  Do I need to reformat?  Thanks so much for your help.  I have 2 Sansa clips, and 1 that is broken. 

How about forgetting about syncing, Windows Media Player, etc., and simply copying and pasting the files you want to do something with?  Easy and simple.   :slight_smile:

I hope this isn’t an ignorant question, but if I don’t go into Windows Media at all, it shouldn’t mess with the contents on the Sansa?

Not in the least–WMP isn’t needed at all!  The easiest way to get content to and from the Clip is just to use the Clip like it was another drive/folder on your computer, and copy and paste files to/from it, delete files and folders on it just like on your computer with its files and folders, etc.  1-2-3, voila!   :slight_smile: