"Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working"

I have a Vista Home Premium system with Media Center and a single TV tuner.  Having installed Media Converter a few days ago, I did not see problems immediately.  However, after powering off and back on, I would repeatedly get the message dialog “Windows Media Center Receiver Service has stopped working” and my TV tuner remained unavailable as if not installed.  Research pointed to various video players/converters and codec issues.  So, I uninstalled Media Converter and the problem immediately went away, no more Media Center crashes, and TV tuner works normally.

Thoughts, workarounds, etc?

tmkirk,I have the same problem with XP and media center…took me a whole night of screwing around to figure out the timeing of the crashes and tuner problems related to the installation of the Sandisk converter,can you help me out and let me know which codecs and such you removed withthe converter to get MC working again? thanks.

Hehe…  Well, I simply uninstalled Media Converter.  Which codec(s) were related, if that was indeed the particular issue, is as yet unknown to me.

Ha! I was just about to reply back removing the converter fixed the MC reciever crash and my tuner card not working but you beat me to it.

Now I can stop chugging Advil and Pepto Bismol,lets just hope sandisk recognizes this issue…I still need a converter.

Thanks m8

What version of Sansa Media Converter did you install into your pc?

What version?  The latest on Sandisk’s site.  Would have to look.  Based upon the date, version 4.220.  I just picked up the View in the past couple weeks.

I (had) whatever version the firmware updater said was the latest availible from sandisk,which I downloaded both from the sandisk site…firmware updater and the media converter.

I contacted support via sandisk website and they provided me with the following…

Uninstall the Arcsoft Sansa Media Converter and then install the Intervideo Sansa Media Converter instead.

To download the Intervideo Sansa Media Converter, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to http://www.sandisk.com/driverdownload/drlogin.asp?driverId=184
  • Log in to Download Wizard using your username and password
  • If you are not yet registered for Download Wizard, click on “Register Now” but you may click on “Skip Registration” to continue
  • Afterwards, click on the blue button to start the download

I installed the new converter and (almost) no problems…Its a little buggy,but I learned its quirks,no more problems with Media Center or my tuner card and it is converting video and pics.

Tried installing smc-4.220.  Didn’t work, still chills the TV recorder tuner under Vista Premium.

Well I have XP and also all the latest rollup updates for Media Center,So it must just be a Vista thing or not having the rollups.

I spoke too soon.After a restart,same problems…had to remove that one as well.

I’m running XP and encountered the same problem.  Removed the converter and the problem went away.  I used Amazon Unbox Video to download two videos.  It appears they both load onto my Sansa View 16GB; however, all I have when I play them is audio.  I can download music files with no problem. 

I tried downloading my own MPEG movie made on my digital camera and that wouldn’t work either.  It showed the movie in the video list but when I tried to play it my player shut off.

My daughter tells me without media converter I can’t put pictures on the player either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do?  I like the MP3 for features such as the FM radio but for this much money I’m beginning to wonder if I should have gotten the iPod instead where video is very easy to load.

This is a MAJOR effing problem.  I tried the alternate Media Converter provided in the link above and that didn’t work either.  Right now I’m left with two options - don’t put video on my e280 or else don’t watch TV.  Neither solution is any good.

I have Vista Utlimate and a couple of weeks ago I started to get the message and my TV tuner would not work. I also started having problems running other programs. I found that it was being shut down by DEP (Data Execution Prevention) which is a feature of Vista. If you go to control panel - system - advanced settings(on the left of the screen). Then under performance click “settings”. The third tab will be Data Execution Prevention. I found a way to turn off this feature. Once I did everything is now working fine.

To turn off this feature go to Accessories and left click on the command prompt. Choose run as administator. You will get a black DOS screen. Type in the following command exactly as below and press enter.


bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff


You should get a line that says that it ran successfully.

close the window and then reboot your computer. Then go back to the DEP window. It should all be grayed out.



  I am indebted to you. I have downloaded hotfixes from microsoft and drivers from Hauppage, HP, and nVidia trying to solve my problems with windows media center receiver services.

In some Media Center XP computers, installation of DVD codes have resolved the issue. I belive you could try the following:

K Lite




For Vista:

Trust me when I say that installing codecs is not the answer.I have 4 PCs,all running a very small,select brew of video/audio codecs/filters.They can all play any common (and not so common pirate origin video and audio).Installing random codec packs will only juck up your system.Unfortunatly,I cannot have the media converter installed on my Media Center PC (where all my media is…duh) because of the conflict.It works fine on my standard XP systems,just makes it a pain in the ass.

Add me to the list of those who have this problem. I have Vista SP1. I spent half a day trying all sorts of things. I went on line with Gateway, the tech told me to go back to a restore point. When I looked at what had been installed lately, the only culprit could be Media Converter. I uninstalled and all was well. I have the latest Media Converter… this is really poor.

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I also have issues with SMC shutting down  Windows media center in Vista… So I can only use one or the other and thats not a solution…Do you know if there will be a firmware update in the future for this issue… I have the Fuze 2bg…Thanks for your time, Chris

Well, thank goodness I found this board. I have the same exact problem with the converter. I was getting the same message for Media Center Receiver not working. I uninstalled the Sansa Media Converter on my computer, and now the Media Center is back up and working fine. I called SanDisk tech support, they have no answer on when or even if this problem will be fixed. I bought this as a gift for my wife’s birthday. I guess I will have to see if Best Buy will take it back, since this seems like a lot of money to spend on just an MP3 player. If anyone is reading this before buying one of these, my advice is DO NOT BUY THIS MP3 PLAYER UNTIL SANDISK GETS THIS PROBLEM FIXED.