Windows Defender blocks "Sansa Dispatcher" at start-up

OK, what’s the “Sansa Dispatcher” do and why’s it being blocked?

If it’s harmless, how do I stop Defender from blocking it?

If you want to have it run without elevating the security level - do the following.

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler
In the right pane, click “Create Basic Task”
Enter a name for the task (can be anything), then click Next
Select “When I Log On” then click Next
Leave “Start a Program” checked and click Next
In the Program field enter the name of the EXE and optional arguments, then click Next
Check the box “Open the Properties dialog…”, then click Finish
Check the “Run with highest privileges” box, click OK.

This worked for me and stopped that annoying ‘blocked program’ issue. As for what

does it do? Sansa dispatcher is the program that updates the firmware. 

Carl Bacani

This procedure did not seem to work for me as I am still getting the blocked programs notification at startup.  Was there anything else that you had to do other than this to solve this issue?  The Sansa Dispatcher being blocked is driving me crazy!!!