Windows cannot be installed to this disk.

That’s the message I get from Windows 10 Pro full vesion. I installed a brand new Sandisk Plus 120GB in a Dell Inspiron 530. It says the disk is of the GPT patition style. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

if you have the disk set up an GPT you will need a computer that has UEFI to install. If your computer does not support UEFI change the partition scheme to MBR and it should resolve the issue. 

This computer doesn’t support UEFI and I see no way to change the setting to MBR with the bios. Is this change made with the Windows instaln disk. Thanks for the help.

the change to MBR is not done in the bios. it has to be done in the OS using disk management. in the windows 10 installation you should be able to open disk management. delete any partitions on the disk and then right click the disk right under where it lists the disk number and select convert to MBR. once that is done retry the installation. 

Thank you DrLucky. I deleted the partitions it would allow me to and right clicked in the window and got no message of any kind so I add a new partition and noticed it didn’t have the message, cannot install windows on this disk and Wind looks good. Thank you for your help.