Windows 98....helpppp

Ok I got my son a sansa clip and have plugged it in to my computer . My computer knows that there is a device connected but says it cannot find a driver for this device !!! I have read other posts and got nothing from any …I am so confused !!! Right now it is connected and says connected …but is not charging soo when I try to unplug it and go to menu it just says low battery and shuts down…this thing is driving me nuts !!!    Ok so just read the side of the box and says system requirements and it is windows xp and sp2…shoot…so basically the clip won’t take my computer…grrrrrr !!! Now what???

i dunno bout any drivers. have you been to manu site? otherwise, win98 sux so bad in so many ways. you could do well to upgrade…so many free opts to get xp for free

I tried it on an old Windows 98SE system and got the same unrecognized device error. It did charge because I had installed a USB 2.0 card in the computer. Has anyone tried to use a Windows 98 flash memory driver with the Clip?

I have Linux on the same computer and it recognized the Clip as a USB memory device and would play an MP3 track stored on the Clip. So you could buy an AC USB charger and order a free Unbutu Linux cdrom and maybe get that combination to work. Start in the Linux System but that should give you access to the Windows 98SE hard drive so you could load MP3 files into the Clip.

The Clip does work on Windows ME as a MSC device.

A new computer with Windows XP or Vista is probably a better solution.

Well, if you have windows 98…then try upgrade to the latest firmware which gives you the option of choosing the mode…choose MSC mode and then plug in again to see if this will help but basically windows 98 is not supported by Sansa Clip.  Or else you can just buy an AC charger or any phone charger that has the same USB cable, charge the device and then load songs using your computer, the charger is cheap so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get the Clip workiing.

how she gonna load songs to fully charged clip…the prob is pc cant communicate w/it…seriously, 98 had huge and many probs from day one, never got much better even w/hundreds of patches and fixes…upgrade or issues on daily basis.  you can get xp free everywhere…

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WARNING: Try this method only at your own risk!

I take no responsibility for damage to your computer, your Clip or anything else.

This did work for me on my Windows 98SE computer.

I had previously installed Windows 98 drivers for an A-Data USB flash drive. If you have not already installed a Windows 98 USB thumb drive on your computer, this driver can be downloaded from A-Data. If you have already used a USB flash drive on your computer it may be confusing to install another driver.

I plugged in the Sansa Clip and when the Unknown Device dialog openned, I choose install a specific driver. This opens another window for all types of drivers. Near the bottom of the list is USB devices -  I chose this group. This opens another window with a list of manufacturers. Near the bottom I found “USB Disk” with two drivers listed. I chose to install the “USB Mass Storage Device” driver. Windows warned that this driver may not work but I choose to go ahead anyway.

Surprisingly, this worked. I now have a new drive letter whenever I plug in the Sansa Clip. It opens to show the normal Clip MSC mode files.

You still cannot charge your Clip over a USB 1.1 port. You can use an AC USB charger or install a PCI to USB 2.0 card in your computer to add USB 2.0 ports.

I still think your best choice is to buy a new Windows XP computer.

this will work (the usb storage driver solution)  now you can buy usb 2 card to charge… still upgrade to winxp… you wont need new pc.