Windows 7 does not see my SanDisk Cruzer Titanium files

First I updated my LaunchU3.exe on my other computer, an XP laptop, where the Flashdrive works fine.

So I am running version

When I put the flash drive into the Windows 7 computer, what I see changes on a whim.

To whit, sometimes I see

Drive K, the “contents” drive always gives me this error:  

\K: is not accessible.  The operation could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Drive J, is labelled “CD Drive (J:) U3 System Us drive, CDFS” and sometimes is labelled just  “CD Drive (J:) U3 System Us drive”.  

Sometimes it give me the same error as K: above:

 \J: is not accessible.  The operation could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

and sometimes it shows the same 3 files as on the XP system: autorun.inf,, and LaunchU3.exe, , but I still can’t see my stored files. 

When the flashdrive is plugged into the Windows 7 system, it blinks constantly.  It never blinks like that on the XP system. 

CAn anyone help?  

Thank you! 

On the Win 7 machine when you do see the autorun.inf,, and LaunchU3.exe files what happens when you dbl click on the LaunchU3.exe file?

Does the Win 7 machine have more than 1 USB port?  If so can you use a different one?  Can you try a different Win 7 machine? 

My friend changed to win 7 my Sandisk had the same problem on his PC. On my PC (running XP) I disabled autorun U3 launchpad, in “U3 launchpad settings”. Now when you insert the drive ignore the windows pop up window go straight to “my computer” and access the drive from there.

Is the drive still password protected?

I have similar problem with non-U3 Titanium. Winfows 7 does not recognize the device and tells me to download a driver. SanDisk does not have Windows7 driver on its website, neither does Microsoft

I have a similar problem with my Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 8GB.

It works fine on an XP desktop but my laptop which runs Windows 7 it does not work with. Even when you go through my computer it gives the following error ‘I/O Device Error’.

I have checked the drivers and they are upto date apparently.

I’m at a loss does anyone has a solution?


There use to be a pinned posting for a Windows 7 U3 upgrade but I don’t see it anymore. 

Some versions of Win 7 support running a version of Win XP on them for compatibility with older apps and maybe devices.  Maybe you can try that?

Here’s that upgrade posting: