Windows 7 and 8 gig Clip

I upgraded to Windows 7 a few weeks ago.Well,today when I plug in my 8gig clip itinstalled a new driver and then it no longer works with Rhapsody to go.I check for a reason and it says I’m running Windows 6.1,and it doesn’t support Sansa Clip. My 4 gig works fine.Any thoughts? I have been using Sansa and Rhapsody together since January with no problems.Now Rhapsody will not recognize it.I tried to deauthorize the clip and then reauthorize it but  it won’t so now its just an unauthorized ,unsupported poor baby 8 gig clip! Any thoughts?

I looked for firmware updates and found none.

Also when I plug in the 8 gig it runs in Drive K of my computer,where before it was just attached,now it has its own drive…

I fixed it! I looked at everything on the 4 gig and 8 gig to see if anything was different,and I saw the 4 gig was in “auto detect” mode while the 8 gig was in MSC.I switched the 8 gig to “auto detect” and everything is working again! bI must have accidently switched it or something.Praise the Lord, I don’t have to buy another Sansa…yet! :slight_smile: