Winamp closed while syncing, disconnected Clip Zip while transferring

I had Winamp open and syncing files to my Clip Zip, but my friend closed Winamp mid-sync and then the Clip Zip got stuck transferring. I disconnected it from the cable and after resetting it, it refreshes media until the about halfway point at which time the Clip Zip crashes and its screen goes black and crashes. It won’t restart unless I reset it first and it won’t connect to the computer.

Edit: The problem lies in the 32GB MicroSD card. All the files are on there, when that’s in the Clip Zip it crashes on refreshing media, without the card the Clip Zip works.

How can I access the SD card on its own to clear it of files?

Most likely a file got corrupted as a result of closing Winamp mid-sync. I would format the card and start over.

Yes, I’ve fixed it now, it was definitely a corrupted file. I had to remove my MicroSD card and use a card reader and computer to remove all the music files. It works now.