Win32 disk imager file location issue

I have recently began dipping my toes into the technical world of copying images on SD cards and the like and while I’ve had some limited success, I remain stumped by  a couple of things.

The only way I can burn the target image to the SD card is by using an existing card and Win 32 disc imager to burn the image to a file on my computer as instructed. However, if I need to close Win32 for any reason, when I reopen it; locate the disk image file on the computer, Win32 only gives me an option to read from the “Removable drive to the file location” and not the other way around.

What I thought I could do once the image was save to the computer, was burn that image from the file location onto another  SD card. Have I got this wrong? Can anyone offer suggestions of what I’m doing incorrectly?

Many thanks for your help,


probably a better question for the provider of the Win 32 disk imager.