will you make dupes if you sync more than once?

I have been putting stuff on my fuze by ripping and syncing  in batches. I keep them in piles so I only sync what I have just loaded. I listen to it while ripping the batches.

Anyhoo, I was wondering if I could just sync everything at once when I am done, instead of trying to select. Is there a “select” all option in wmp?

You can set up Windows Media Player to automatically sync with your Sansa.  The sync function works well, once you set up the file groups you’d like to sync.  There are a few important points to address, however, for the process to go smoothly.

Figuring it out using the Windows Help information is horrible, I must forewarn you.  It’s much easier to do that the cryptic help files describe.  Microsoft apparently endeavored to make it appear as painful as possible.

Before setting up the sync process, a word of caution.  Windows Media Player will try to load the kitchen sink on that first pass- but fear not!  If it goes grazy, all you need do is use the Set Up Sync function, tell WiMP what you would like to have on the player, and it will automatically correct its mistakes from that first attempt.

The Sync tab has a wee bar at the bottom of the Sync button.  Choose Set Up Sync, then a double box will pop up, with two lists.  The key issue is that you must individually select the items on the RIGHT side list, then click Remove (in the center) after highlighting each choice one at a time.

The bib problem choices: remove all photos, all music, and those goofy choices like “old TV programs from 1974”.  You’ll see what I mean once the list pops up.

WiMP will leave an index file, wmpinfo.sys in the Sansa’s root directory, that identifies the device automatically when it is plugged in.  I have a whole handful of Sansas, each with their own sync preferences stored.  It’s incredibly handy when keeping track of favorites, and podcasts.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: