Will this work with Sansa Fuze?

I just received a FYI Emerson iC2196 CD Clock Radio with Dock for iPod - as a gift.

I have a Sansa Fuze and this was bought for me because it does say Input to Connect iPod and Other Mp3 Players…

It looks like the Fuze will connect - but I don’t want to break anything!

OK - as I am writing this I went to this webpage:


I see that is says it has a line-in for MP3 players - so I guess that means the dock only works for iPod - Yes?

Is there a unit similar to this - CD Clock (with or without radio) that will also dock and play the Sansa Fuze.

I’m not very technical about this stuff – So any advice is greatly appreciated. 



NEVER plug a Sansa into an iPod dock connector. They may look the same, but they’re wired differently. Odds are good you’ll toast your Sansa. If it says “works with other MP3 players”, that means it works by connecting through your MP3 player’s headphone jack, not the dock connector.

There is a Timex clock radio that has a Sansa dock. Search for “timex clock radio sansa” on Amazon or similar sites and you should find it easily enough.

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Thank You! Thank You!

I’m glad I asked before experimenting!!