Will support for id3v2 2.4 be added anytime soon?

It appears that Fuze (for that matter, either Clip) does not understand version 2.4 id3v2 tags.  Some of the tools I use insist writing out 2.4.0 tags and it quickly gets tedious to convert them to version 2.3.

Will support for id3v2 2.4 be added anytime soon?

Yes its in the next release.  :slight_smile:

We appreciate that it will be in the next release! How about a time frame guesstimate? I have a Sansa E240 and hope that it will be made available for that device also.


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It’s supposed to be this month (November). :smiley:

Unfortunately, no more updates (at all) for the e200 series. :cry:

It appears that this did not make it to the “next” release.  Hopefully there will be another “next” release after this one :wink:

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Yeah, now that you mention it . . . I too, thought Sansafix had said it would be in this update. Ther wasn’t anything about it in the change log. Hopefully next time then. Sometime in “Q1 - 2009” was mentioned the other day.