will not pass folders from connect wireless flash drive to android table

Hello everyone,

New to forum so please bear with me.  I bought 5 connects for our training department so we can pass our training courses to our students wirelessly where ever we are.  I created a course that is an html course with all the data structure that holds all the supporting files.  I test sending my data from the connect wireless flash drive to my android table but it would not acknowledge the folders.

I contact support chat and they tell me now that the product was never intended to pass folders.  I see this as an obvious deception and misleading any good politician today.

Can anyone explain why folders are not allowed to be passed between the connect wireless flash drive and the tablet?

Are there any workarounds? 

Very disappointed in SanDisk



this product is really intended to transfer pictures and video to and from mobile devices. transferring a entire folder is not supported in the app. only single files can be downloaded. 

It sounds from your description that you are trying to host some type of web page and use this device as a mobile web server. Unfortunately this device is not a web server so hosting an HTML page is not going to work.