Will not go out of PAUSED in music mode

Software version: 01.01.12A2

Size: 1GB

Can pause and un-pause the radio.  When selecting a song (any song from about 165 on player) the display shows it is paused.  Regardless of the pushing or holding the PLAY/PAUSE button, the selected song will not play and the unit acts like it has frozen and will not respond to any button being pressed.  I have done several resets (SELECTand VOL +) which brings everything back.  It repeats the problem each time any song is selected for play.

I’ve checked as many posts here as I can with not luck.  I would appreciate any assistance.

I cant help you with a solution.  Just wanted to say I had the same thing happen to mine once.  The hard reset cleared it and it worked for a couple more months before completely failing. 

I have owned 2 Express players, neither lasted more than 6 months and both had a lot of glitches in that time.  My advice would be to backup anything you have on it and get a different player.  

Thanks for the response.  I backed up everything on unit, deleted all songs on unit and loaded a different playlist not using any of the songs originally on unit.  It payed fine.  I loaded songs from original list and the unit skipped them.  This was a gift from a “relative” that he had loaded with various songs.  Turns out that the unit is a refurbished one.  I’m wondering if there is a “rights” issue or an error in the mp3 encoding.  The songs do play on my pc.  I’ll probably replace this with a decent player if she decides she want one.