Will never buy another sansa product again, will advise other not to either.

Will never buy a sansa product again.  # died in little over three years.c1st one screen went bad. second one died as battery wire soldering gave way. 3rd one the power button came away from the motherboard- poor soldering/glue.  They are a memory company, not an mp3 player company. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN a COMPANY TRIES TO BUILD SOMETHING THEY CANT DO AROUND SOMETHING THEY CAN. 

“Little over three” years?  And how much did you pay for it?

How’s your three-year-old cell phone doing?

I understand the response, but I also understand the OP’s position and frustration–must I keep on replacing every electronics item I own–electric toothbrush, LCD tv, laptop–every 3 years, becuase they’re only being built to last for 2 or 3?  Really?  Is there anyone that this is good for, apart from the manufacturers?  Is this good for society and the planet?  I’m just sayin’ . . . .

Good point Miikerman. Built-in obsolescence and toxic electronics treated as disposables are bad news. But the OP’s anger at a tiny cheap plastic mp3 player–as opposed to a serious investment like a laptop or TV, which really should be more durable–seems misplaced.

Would the OP have paid another $10 or $15 for an aluminum case or higher-grade parts or more skilled labor?  Consumers have generally voted with their buying power for short-term savings over higher quality. Which isn’t good for the planet, but isn’t entirely a conspiracy by manufacturers either. Capitalism is messy.

Yep, I agree.  But I’m also a bit of a contrarian–some items have gotten so low in price, I would be happy to pay an extra 10-20-30 percent to get an improved and longer-lasting product.   And an aluminum (but scratch-resistant) Clip would be nice indeed!   :slight_smile:

The Clips are already scratch resistant…

LOL–scratch-proof plastic?  ;)

There’s a difference between “resistant” and “proof”. Like in watches, many are water “resistant”, but very few are water “proof”.

Likewise, I sell carpeting. Many have warranties for stain “resistance”, but very few offer a stain “proof” warranty. :wink:

@miikerman wrote:

LOL–scratch-proof plastic?  ;)

My two Zips have no scratches on them after all this time…and no cases or screen protectors on them. So I’d consider them scratch resistant, yes.:stuck_out_tongue:

Great to hear–with my electronics, it seems if I breath on them they develop scratches.  And I do treat them respectfully.

@tapeworm wrote:

There’s a difference between “resistant” and “proof”.