Will my old laptop work ?

I have a 6 year old Dell Latitude with XP Pro, service pack2 , Pentium III, Mobile CPU 1000Mhz, 256MB Ram, WMP 11. I’m not sure if it has a USB2 or the older USB1. Yeah It’s antique but all I got right now. Would it work OK to download from Limewire and then load the FUZE? Trying to make sure I have the equipment that will work before buying a MP3.

It will probably have a USB 1.1. It should work, it will just take a fair amount of time to load the music (especially if its a lot of music).

Thanks. At least it will work to get me started then I can work towards a better computer.

Get a better source of music too.  P2p sources like Limewire can be a hairball.

Bob  :dizzy_face:

A friend of mine had a old pc with USB 1.1. It would’nt sync with the PC nor charge. It would charge for about 4 1/2 minutes, that it was like the USB overloaded and the device stopped charging. When I reconncected it again, it would chard for another 4-5 minutes, even on other usb ports all over the PC.

Of course, I could be wrong about the USB version; it could have been USB 1.0. 



PS I am talking about the Fuze.

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I just remembered - power could be an issue, as USB1.1 ports weren’t required to provide power. I don’t know what the Fuze will do if you try to sync on a non-powered port.

Don’t forget that you can invest in a powered USB hub if there’s not enough juice for the Fuze to charge.

The inconvenience is the extra power cord and “wall wart” supply, but it should work.

Also be sure the laptop is running on “shore power”, as running on AC power will boost the DC bus for the USB ports.  Laptops can save power by limiting current on peripherals, while running on their internal battery, so run on the adapter.

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It has a better chance of working when the notebook is plugged in than when running on battery power. If the USB port doesn’t give enough power, then it might work with a powered hub? Some mp3 players though say not to connect through a powered hub and to connect to the USB socket directly.