Will battery be affected if first charge interrupted?

When I connected my new Sansa Clip 2GB to a USB port on my Windows XP laptop for the first time, it made a connection and the strobing battery icon appeared indicating that it was charging. However, after a few minutes I heard the Windows disconnection beep, “waiting” appeared on the Sansa screen and the battery icon stopped strobing. A few minutes later the Sansa reconnected and the battery started charging again. This disconnection and reconnection continued every few minutes. When I unplugged  the Sansa and tried connecting it to each of the other ports, the same problem occurred. I also tried switching on the Clip to see if I could change the settings but got a “battery low” warning and it switched off before I could do anything.

After searching the forum I realised that I needed to upgrade Windows Media Player from version 9. When I updated to version 11 and reconnected the Clip it started to charge normally and I no longer experienced the disconnection problems.

However, I am concerned that by disconnecting the Clip from the USB port and powering it on before it was fully charged for the first time, I might have damaged the battery and prevented it from fully charging in the future. Please could you advise if I should be concerned about this.

The lithium polymer battery is a completely new breed of battery.  Battery management is handled automatically by the Clip’s processor.

Simply plug in and let it charge up (steady battery icon) and you’ll be fine.

You will find that, with use, the capacity increases over the first few charges.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Verger, you’re chill–the initial charging scene wouldn’t have damaged anything.  The Clip’s battery is fine with partial charges (in fact, that’s recommended, not letting the battery go to empty, apart from every now-and-again to re-set the battery gauge).  Batteryuniversity.com is a good reference site.

Thanks for your replies and for reassuring me.

Enjoy your new player!  :slight_smile: