will a clip work with Win2000 ?

I would like to know before I buy a couple of these players for kids etc…
Can someone verify that even though the MIN system requirements are XP,
that my Win2000 SP2 will work with them?

Thank you very much…Isaac

Minimum system requirements are XP with WMP 10 or higher. i have heard you can use it under Win 2K by forcing MSC but this is not supported.

I would imagine that it will if you force MSC and/or it might just recognize it as MSC if you don’t have WMP10 installed.  My recommendation, if you like the look of the player and want to give it a shot, buy it from Best Buy, try it and if it doesn’t work return it.  Just a thought. 

Best Buy current return policy is extended for the holidays as they know you might be buying them as gifts so if you buy it and want to give it as gifts and then try it you can still return it.  The return policy as posted on the Best Buy website for Store Return Policy is as follows:

Gift purchases made between November 1, 2007 and December 24, 2007, qualify for our Holiday Return policy. Qualifying products may be returned through January 31, 2008. The other terms of our standard policy (including, but not limited to, “non-returnable items” and “restocking fee,” etc.) apply. Products purchased prior to November 1 or after December 24 and non-gift purchases do not qualify for our holiday return policy. For these purchases, our standard return policy applies, which is explained in the paragraphs that follow.

thank you for the response…i really appreciate it…i will hold off on these until i upgrade my home computer…
shame…i really like the clip…