WiFi networks with un-broadcasted SSIDs

Is there any way to connect to WiFi networks that do not broadcast their SSIDs?  I’m not seeing it.


Are you using an iPad? The option does not seem to be there in the iPad app but the iPhone app has an other option and you can type the network name. 

Well, at least the iPhone app does indeed have the option (and, yes, I was trying it on an iPad).  But, whenever I try to connect the Media Player to the internet with the iPhone app, the app instantly crashes.

So, I guess that leaves me still wondering how to connect to a WiFi network that does not broadcast its SSID.

Are their any special characters in the wifi name or password. I have seen a few weird issues if there are special characters in the SSID or password. Also what type of encryption is on the network? This device seems to do best with WPA2 personal. 

Nope, no special characters in SSID or password – all alphanumeric.  And the encryption is WPA2 personal.  As soon as I tap “Join” I’m kicked out of the app.

I’ve tried several times, including restarting the app.  And I am able to connect directly to that WiFi network with my iPhone.