WiFi Login Pages with the Connect

I realize that some WiFi connections with login pages are a problem with the connect.  I am curious though… I was trying to use one today and the Connect kept asking for a user name and password.  With my netbook, the page simply wanted you to click a button to agree to the terms and services.  Has anyone developed a workaround for this?  Or, is it possible to work around it?


The username and password wasn’t for the Yahoo login?

Hmmm… I didn’t think of that.  I logged in at home with the Yahoo username and password and it connects to my network, but just didn’t realize that I might have to enter my username and password for another network.   That makes total sense.  I will let you know on Monday when I go back to that area.  Thanks!

Update:  No it wasn’t asking for my Yahoo id/username.  I think it is stumbling on the Welcome screen in that network.  On a netbook, you must click a button that you agree with the terms of service.  There is no way to do that with the Connect.  I’m still looking for a way around this…

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