widescreen sansa!

         Check out this badboy!  very cool view–






Dang, I heard from one of you that this was a scrapped design?!   Why sansa Why???:angry:

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Dang, that thing looks really cool!  My View is full of envy!

Yeh, I must agree! :robothappy:

Wow, that looks like it would be worth watching video on! Why didn’t they make it?

i’m not completely sure why they didn’t make it, but i remember back about… 2 years ago when i was looking around on this site, it had that player listed right above the E200 (this is when the E200 was new i believe) 

however, one day it just dissappeared… it was wierd.  but that model looked great, the page said it’d be $300 but for alot of gigabites (don’t remember how many exactly…)    and it’d have alot of hours of video and audio playback…

I believe that model of the View was a prelim. model. The big screen was pretty cool. If I remember correctly, that was shown at CES2007

yno… that looks alot like an iphone/itouch, or maybe even kinda like one of those GPS things…

maybe some other company paid sandisk to take that shape or something

Does anyone know if its still solled???


Is it in my area… California… Los Angeles…

I WANT THAT Sandisk Product SOOOOOO BAD!!!

Please… anyone… I need just these few answers of assistance…


That was the first version of the Sansa View, it was remodeled to the current. The “widescreen” model isn’t available, as it’s not technically the View… the one on the SanDisk site is.