Widescreen,alarm clock,games,------

Things that would be Great!      1) Widescreen “hard to watch videos in dock”
                                                   2) folder lock “password for my junk”
                                                   3) alarm clock “for my naps at work” :stuck_out_tongue:
                                                   4)  a few games “some old school atari type”
                                                   5) built in color themes “no need to hack”
                                                   6) bluetooth “no more headphone wires”
                                                   7) battery cover that removes like a cell phone
                                                   8) slideshow that doesn’t  need a GO LIST “would just play all your tunes”
                                                   9)  built in fm transmitter  " all mp3 players should do that"
Other then those things, All Is great! Not, that I need all that!  Just giving ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

----------and yes ive used the rockbox---------It has themes n games------------------but, I rather enjoy the look of the sansa with its nice clean large icons!

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ive tried rockbox also and i didnt like the small text either.

fm transmitter is a good idea

FM transmitters sound so bad though, it’s like your listening to your music over the radio. Wait no that is exactly what it’s doing. I prefer just getting a stereo that has an input jack and running the music directly from the Sansa to the stereo. Much better sound quality that way.