I have been attempting to listen to the Yahoo internet radio and have constant buffering problems.  The player’s battery is charged, I have a full signal (player within 2 feet of the router), switched to several different channels on the router, went to a 128-bit WEP encrption security setting and every time it will play no longer than 15 seconds before buffering, sometimes less time.  What am I doing wrong?  I have an Ativa 202.11g router.

Do you have a wireless laptop you can use to measure the speed you’re getting over WiFi from your router?

Do you know anybody else with a WiFi that you can use to test the Connect?

Not that I think the Connect is bad. I suspect there is trafffic issues between the ISP and your router.

I assume that you have tried to power off/on your DSL/Cable modem and WiFi router.

If you get it to work on a friend’s WiFi network, you can swap in your WiFi router to see if it might be a problem with your model.

Or there may be congestion on all the channels you are testing.

How many other WIFi networks are available at your location competing for the 802.11g space?

Since you tried different channels (1, 6, 11 are best to try), I assume you also tried auto-select for the channels.

You can try ‘G-only’ mode to keep the WiFi router from trying to downshift to B mode if other networks or devices are nearby.

I don’t think the security settings are part of the problem.

Speed test can help determine somewhat your performance and if ISP is living up to thier advertised speed.


However, it doesn’t help determine if there are intermittent delays that will affect streaming.

You can test with your laptop to see if you get problems playing Yahoo! LaunchCast radio without problem.

But even that is not an equivalent test. Since your laptop communicates directly with Yahoo! backend.

Connect communicates to Yahoo! backend through Zing service. I think there is more sensitivity to intermittent drops with the Connect service.

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Well, I don’t have any other wireless devices to check against the Sansa, nor do I know of anyone else with wi-fi.  I did the Speakeasy speed test, which said I had a download speed of 3.9 Mbps. 

I did try listening to the Yahoo internet radio stations on my pc (wired, not wi-fi) and it too was buffering after only 20 seconds or so.  I’m thinking it’s probably more of a Yahoo radio issue or my ISP had a lot of traffic.

I think the problem seems to be Yahoo Music.  I try listening to the stations on the computer (hard wired) and the same problem, starts buffering after only 30 seconds of play.  I listen to online radio stations through Windows Media Player and it plays forever without any buffering problems.  I tried the download speed test and my speed is 3900 kbps, not crazy fast, but fast enough to be able to stream online music.  Does anyone else seem to be having issues with Yahoo radio stations?

I only see this problem with bad WiFi or ISP.

There migth be more to Yahoo! connection than the other Internet Radio stations since it is subscription.

If you get this problem with hard wire on your PC, I suspect ISP issue.

You should question them about it.