Why won't my music show on my sansa?

When i go to put music on my sansa, i have the choice of adding more, or viewing what i already have on there.

On the computer, my sansa shows that i have a bunch of music on there,over 300 songs, but when i unplug my sansa to listen to my music, i have no music at all…

You haven’t said what player you have or the method you’ve used in putting the music on, so it’s hard to guess what your problem may be. We’re not mind readers, you know. :wink:

Generally speaking though, it could be your song files have ID3 tags resulting in everything be classified on they player as ‘Unknown’.

Or it could simply be that you are trying to transfer an un-supported format. In other words, a music format that is not recognized and not playable on the Sansas.

There are a number of other possibilities, but knowing virtually nothing about your particular situation, I’m not going to list them all here.

Be very specific in your reply and we will try to help you, or feel free to browse or search the forum for answers. Chances are somebody else has had the same issue. There are very few stories we haven’t heard here. There are boards here for each individual Sansa player (or series of players).

The ball is officially in your court. :smiley:

I have a sansa e200. Ever since i’ve had my sansa, i’ve dragged and dropped my music into the media player, then would hit the sync button to transfer my music. It had worked for me up until the other day, but i have no idea what happened.

I had unplugged it once what i had on my list of music had transferd and it was all there so, i plugged it back in to add more. Once i had completly finished, i went to listen to my music, but it showed it was empty. There was no music yet, when i went under “my computer” and clicked the file for my sansa my music was all listed there and it said it was all on my device…