Why won't my audiobooks work on my external Transcend mSDHC??

Arrrrgh, this player is getting more fustrating the more I use it!  I purchased an 8 gig Transcend mSDHC card and installed with no issues on my 4 gig Fuze. I’ve been redoing my music and audio books and arranging them in different places. For some reason, whenver I put audio books in the Audiobook folder on the SD card, it won’t play all episodes, it just keep skipping to the next chapter when its done! I did not have this issue when I was using the onboard memory. I tried to switch to MCS mode and it STILL happens. Whats weirder is after I transfer, remove the Fuze and then reconnect and look at my audiobooks on the SD card, the titles of the audio books are scrambled with extra numbers and letters for no apparent reason. I"ve attempted to format the card each time via Vista 64 but it still does it. 

What is going on here???

No one??

I recall some past posts about this.  Some were firmware related.  Others, each track needed the CD# in the mp3 ID tags.  You can probably find them through the search feature.

I finally found a “better” way around it.

I use mergeMp3 to merge all the tracks and CDs into a single large mp3 file.

The advantages for me are that there is just one file to copy around and set ID tags.  Also, the Fuze then gives me a true total of where I am at in the book (8hrs in,4hrs remaining).  Also, if I go listen to something else, I don’t have to remember which cd/track to return in the book…there is just one, and the resume remembers where I was listening.

Any other info?

Help, what am I doing wrong!!

I dont do Audiobooks but my thought is to make sure the Genre is Speech or Audiobook, and then to retransfer. Then make sure Chapter mode is on.

If you dont insist on getting it to work the sansa way, you can always force the right playback order by creating a playlist. Its not elegant, but easily done. Its what i do when mp3tags or something else is messing with the playback ordering of my files.

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You must format the transend card in sansa player 1st, Under the settings, look for Memory, then format card / Not the internal. then I would use windows media player to sync the audio books to the external card. Always load "books to the same card, even if you delete other ones. Sometimes if you dump files on a un-formatted card, the sansa won’t know were to look for files…

Theres no Format Card on the player.  you have to use the computer.