Why such crapware?

I would feel a lot less resentful if I understood why Sansa Media Converter is so much worse than any media conversion program on the planet. (I think I’ve looked at most of them, trying to find one that will convert into files SMC will like.) It’s incredibly crash-prone, clumsy, it won’t even tell you when it hasn’t worked.

Does anybody understand this? Are they locked into some evil contract with Intervideo or something?


I don’t understand this either. But if you look here in Germany into the the ‘Customer Reviews’ of some online shops, like amazon, there are a lot of people who really loved their Sansa , but they gave it back because of the bad video handling. So one can say that they lose customers with this restricted video format and they slur on their reputation as well.


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No, they had a previous version that was a different company. Still didn’t work well.

Sandisk don’t spend enough time troubleshooting and testing before they release software. Hardware frakkin rocks though!