I don’t understand why Sandisk must use Rapidshare to host their U3 programs. Why use a service that only lets you download one filer per day, unless you pay for a premium account? I personally don’t use the U3 software (Portableapps.com), but have had some family members ask me about the U3 software download. I called Sandisk support and they said that it was up to the software developer. I know that not every software developer would use Rapidshare. ALL the files on the U3 Software Central page are hosted on Rapidshare. Why not just host the files on the Sandisk servers, or at least host them on a site that doesn’t limit downloads based on IP address? I see this as a very serious flaw in Sandisk’s logic. Thats my two cents.

Nothing from SanDisk would be on Rapidshare… Everything you could possibly need is hosted on their corporate site. If something is on Rapidshare its because somebody else put it there.